The Global Ecosystem and Team Partners

Leverage PMTsolutions’ ecosystem partnership of deep domain knowledge and industrial expertise to support you expanding business globally

PMTsolutions is building a strong partnership with UIC Payworld to build and deliver superior business advantages based on best in class cashless payment service. A growing community that will enable us to bring together more value to our customers while combining technical assets, operation services, innovation capacity, and geographical reach.

PMTsolutions and UIC Payworld as an one team will capitalize on the shared history of both companies by continuing the valuable collaboration and reinforcing the two companies’ strong industrial and commercial relationship.

Processing partner combines his solution with the services from Worldline SIX Payment Services, PMTsolutions as a business partner, we offer the merchant solution together with an (integrated) payment solution and service agreement directly.

According to our a best-in-class growing community, single partner for merchant acquiring, payment terminals or readers, eCommerce, and more are efficient!

Enlarged geographical footprint

To meet both your local and global needs with our unique global team partnership.

Expanded portfolio

Build out your services portfolio to include digital solutions that will make an impact.

Excellence of service

Ensure continuous operational excellence and security commitment.

Commercial alignment

Bring our digital solutions to life everywhere the operation you have and make them commercially available to an target audience.

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