The shift from cash to cashless services is getting stronger, because of many reasons. One major reason is the growth of revenue, more than 30% by adding cashless payment service. The reduction of cash recycling cost is also driving this shift. Depending where a vending machine is located open and/or closed loop cashless services are required by one solution. In some locations, the technical cashless infrastructure needs to be flexible, modular and upgradable. PMTsolutions provides a cashless solution for vending applications which supports open and closed loop cashless services by using one technical infrastructure including CardReader. Since closed loop cards are personalized, PMTsolutions is also providing the card management platform as part of the eFinance Service Suite.



  • Credit, debit, wallet and mCommerce with one system
  • Increasing B2C relationship through MobileApp
  • Increasing number of vends
  • Increasing business revenue
  • Reduction of cash recycling efforts
  • Transaction overview and transaction management
  • Can be integrated also into telemetry solution