In various cities, citizens are paying the parking fees with regular credit cards and with personalized citizen cards. Closed loop (e.g. citizen card) and open loop (e.g. credit/debit card) cashless services are using same infrastructure and are fully integrated into eFinance Service Suite for transaction overview and transaction management.

Each citizen card has a personal profile which describes the parking machines where a citizen gets a certain discount at a certain time. Optional the citizen card can be pre-loaded with a certain amount of free parking time. A web based application, which is also part of eFinance platform, provides the personalization and configuration of each citizen card.



  • The local government has a powerful tool to provide the most efficient cashless service for local citizen and local companies as part of “Mobility Service” in the city
  • Reduction of cash recycling service
  • Credit card service as a big advantage for foreign visitors
  • Contactless CardReader for reducing efforts through vandalism
  • MobileApp API for various mobile car parking applications