Self-service washing bay for motor vehicles are quite often unattended. Certain cleaning products and even cold and hot drinks are provided by vending machines. The car washing equipment is also available for self-service, same as the automated car washing machines. Offering cashless payment services for these various service points generate couple of advantages. Due to the unmanned service points, cashless payment increase security and reduce cash recycling cost. Since closed and open loop cashless services are offered by same technical platform, credit/debit cards, customer loyalty and corporate cards can be offered. That gives the most flexibility of customer expectations if it comes to payment. By using a corporate card for cleaning the company car, the amount will be charged to the account of the company. At the end of the month the money transfer will be processed by SEPA transfer. The employee does not need to pay in advance. The eFinance Service Suite provides all financial transaction information and monthly statements for the company.



  • Providing multiple cashless payment services for various service points
  • Customized service programs and discounts by personalized closed loop cards
  • Secure service bay, because of no cash collection
  • Online transaction, cash flow overview, transaction management, reconciliation service
  • Automated monthly/weekly/daily accounting for corporate customers and bank transfer
  • Combined credit, debit and SEPA payment services